GHA logoWhat is GHA

The GHA treatment is the most recent and innovative technology that can be applied to aluminium alloys. GHA is a patent of Japanese origin and also European patent no. EP1207220, consisting of an anodic oxidation with subsequent sealing of the micro-pores with silver ions: this offers a limescale-inhibiting feature on the surfaces and gives them superlative qualities and performance. The GHA technology, applied to various sectors of the food processing industry, is especially popular in the coffee machine manufacturing sector because it gives the surfaces of the components special biotechnological properties that protect the machine from all contamination and without producing any harmful effects on the water or on the coffee blend.

The biotechnological properties of GHA
  • High antibacterial and mould-inhibiting capabilities (bactericidal complying with ISO 22196:2011 and JIS 2801:2010 standards)
  • Inhibits the formation of limescale
  • Corrosion resistant (1000 times superior to aluminium)
  • Strong antistatic properties
  • Resistant to abrasive wear
  • High thermal conductivity
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